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Media Makeovers

In the cyber world, The Home Page of your Socials, Emails and Websites are your "Front Door" of your business. You need it to look and describe your business in an effective, aesthetically pleasing way to catch scrollers attention. Allow me to refresh your presence

Makeover Service Menu

  • Fix Broken Links
  • Refresh your Brand
  • Reach out to Meta, Tik Tok and Twitter for common connective problems such as unverified addresses, outdated information that requires time and effort to correct
  • QR Codes creation
  • Front Counter Set ups for Promos and Loyalty Programs


Brand Recognition is a Classic way to gain engagement and trust from customers.

Branding Services:

  • Graphic Design or add on to existing Brand to enhance or Start over
  • Library of logos, colors, fonts, etc for your Records available to you if we stop our contract
  • Assistance with Branded Merchandise Promo Items

Social Media Marketing

Marketing on Social pages takes a tremendous amount of time, knowledge and maintenance. The language and computation can be overwhelming if you are are not experienced.

Additionally, making content is an art in itself and most people struggle to take photos or make videos that catch attention.

Content quality is crucial to represent your business in a professional way. You need someone who has the time to take the photos and videos, do the editing, add the details and add good captions with relevant tags, hashtags, mentions and more to show up well in media.

Media Marketing Services

  • An initial one hour session in person to discuss your needs including a SWOT analysis
  • Content Creations
  • Content Post Monthly Schedule
  • Organic Content Add ons
  • Custom Style fonts, emojis, wording, hashtags, tags, mentions, photo types to match your branding needs

Content Creation

Content Creation is made to be custom for each different Small Business. You need to work with someone who is interested in your business growing the way you want it to. You need someone you can trust to create content that you like and makes your analytics go up and up

Content Creation Services

  • Customized keyboard of relevant to you Hashtags
  • Research of relevant cross promotion pages to tag
  • Organic Photography for Content. Additional charge for Pro Photographer photos.
  • Organic video for Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok

About Me

I come from an industry where understanding social media and marketing in current trending form is an absolute must.

So I now do Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Promos, Store Events, Rebranding, anything presentation related full time and I love it!

I look forward to working with you in a relaxed setting where we make your imagined goals come true and increase sales as a result.

Hi, I'm Roxy. I'm a local California/Hawaii raised girl!

I live in SLO County, I am so fortunate to have a job I love so much visiting all of your Small Businesses and making content to help you grow! Please reach out to me for all inquiries